Vincent Haupert

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Vincent Haupert, M. Sc.

Room 12.134
Martensstr. 3
91058 Erlangen

Tel. +49 9131 85 69907   |   Fax +49 9131 85 69919

vincent.haupert ( at )


I am a research fellow and PhD candidate at Tilo's System Security and Software Protection group. My main interests are authentication, system security and software protection of mobile devices. Particularly the security of online and mobile payment solutions is one of my major research subjects.

Thesis and Project Offerings

Do not hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions about the following topics or if you have ideas on your own. You can also consult a detailed overview of my open thesis and project offerings directly on UnivIS.

Jan 17, 2018: At the moment most of my advertised thesis and project offerings are assigned. Still, although not listed here, I run additional topics that are yet to be formulated. Just approach me in person or by mail and I'm glad to talk with you about it!


SHA1 Fingerprint: E21F BA89 4AE0 C33D 30FF 20FE 1CD1 ABE4 E53C EAAA
Public Key: ASCII-armored


Serial Number: 7255926360075666 = 0x19c73a01356d92
SHA1 Fingerprint: 32FC 7A23 76A9 9EBA 05D1 1442 E58F B28C 1A20 2A18
Issuer: FAU-CA > DFN-Verein PCA Global - G01 > Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2
Certificate: PEM / DER / TXT

You might also retrieve and verify this information directly from the DFN PKI.


Publications 2018

  • Haupert, Vincent ; Pugliese, Gaston:
    Ich sehe was, das du nicht siehst: Die Realität von Mobilebanking zwischen allgemeinen und rechtlichen Anforderungen. In: Langweg, Hanno ; Meier, Michael ; Witt, Bernhard C. ; Reinhardt, Delphine (Hrsg.) : Sicherheit 2018 (Sicherheit, Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit Konstanz 25.04 - 27.04.2018). Bd. 9, 1. Aufl. Bonn : Köllen Druck+Verlag GmbH, 2018, S. 157-168. (Konferenzband der 9. Jahrestagung des Fachbereichs Sicherheit der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) Bd. LNI)

  • Haupert, Vincent ; Müller, Tilo:
    On App-based Matrix Code Authentication in Online Banking. In: Furnell, Steven ; Mori, Paolo ; Camp, Olivier (Hrsg.) : Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP 2018 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal 22.01. - 24.01.2017). Setúbal : SciTePress, 2018, S. 149-160. - ISBN 978-989-758-282-0

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